2023 China Factory Price Outdoor Garden Led Wall Light

Color Temperature(CCT):2700K (Soft Warm White)

IP Rating:IP67

Lamp Body Material:ABS


Power Supply:Solar

Light Source:LED


  • Brand:

  • Payment:

    T/T By bank
  • Product origin:

    Zhong shan Guangdong
  • Color:

  • Lead Time:

    30days for 5000pcs
Product Detail

Waterproof and dustproof: outdoor wall light can resist the influence of various bad weather, with high waterproof and dustproof performance.

Energy saving and environmental protection: outdoor wall light adopts LED light source technology, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

Safe and reliable: outdoor wall light adopts solid installation structure and design to prevent electrical short circuit, with high safety and reliability.

Beautiful appearance: outdoor wall lights have various designs and beautiful appearance, which can be adapted to different architectural styles.

Good lighting effect: outdoor wall lights have good lighting effect, which can create a warm and comfortable light environment and enhance the overall beauty of the building.


Led Wall LightLed Wall LightLed Wall LightLed Wall LightLed Wall Light

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.