Differences Material Of Swimming Pool Lamps

Time: Sep 05, 2022

There are many types of swimming pool lights. We can distinguish them into the plastic housing and stainless steel housing according to the housing material. In everyone’s cognition, many people will think that, generally, plastic housing lamps are relatively cheap products, but is this really the fact? Everything exists for a reason. There are reasons, and the appearance of swimming pool lamps with different housing also has its advantages. Next, I will introduce it to you.

Plastic Housings Vs. Stainless Steel Housing

The plastic housings of our swimming pool lamps mostly use engineering plastics. Engineering plastic has many advantages. It is insulating, lightweight, and not easy to corrode, etc. Stainless steel has good pressure resistance. And it has non-deformation and durability. For example, based on 304 stainless steel, 306 stainless steel is added into molybdenum. Thus, SS306 has better resistance to corrosion and rust. It is more suitable for waters with relatively high pH, such as seawater swimming pools and aquarium pools.

Plastic swimming pool lamps, as well as stainless steel housing swimming pool lamps, generally use two kinds of structural waterproofing process and full glue-filling waterproofing process, but because of the plastic housing, under normal circumstances, the lighting power of plastic housing swimming pool lamps will not be too high. Because the thermal conductivity of the plastic housing is different, and the underwater lamps are sealed underwater, the LED light source heat is difficult to conduct heat and has to do it by means of the housing to conduct heat. So how do the swimming pool lights in this plastic housing deal with heat dissipation? Generally, good design is used to increase the contact surface between water flow and lamps to achieve heat dissipation. Fully glue-filled swimming pool lamps are different because at present, all glue-filled waterproof lamps are generally made of resin waterproof glue, which can have better heat dissipation and waterproof effect.

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