Do’s and Don’ts for Your Outdoor Landscape

Time: Apr 18, 2022

Have you ever walked in a yard where you don’t know what exactly it is, but something feels off? In that case, you probably have stumbled upon a landscape where your surroundings feel right as well. Like art pieces on a canvas, there are certain fundamentals or set of rules to know first in designing your outdoor landscape. Creativity is highly encouraged, but understanding some of the fundamental do’s and don’ts allows you to channel more creativity once you’ve established the basics.

Let’s Start with the Don’ts

We’ve highlighted some of the most common mistakes for you to prevent committing the same for your outdoor landscape. Understand that these are only suggestions to help you achieve whatever your dream landscape looks like, and you still have complete autonomy over how you go about things. Furthermore, let’s proceed with some of the don’ts for outdoor landscape lighting. 

Don’t place your Path Lights too close to each other.

Path Lights are explicitly made to illuminate certain path areas. By placing them too close to each other, you inhibit its full lighting potential, which is counterproductive to the fixture’s main functionality. Consider a range of 5-15 feet apart from each other depending on what you’re trying to go for.

Don’t overdo your landscape lights.

Landscape Lighting is not a numbers game. What makes it fun and exciting are coming up with unique ways to incorporate your landscape lighting without using too much of them. Not only will it cost you more, but it will also ruin the whole vibe and aesthetic of your outdoor space by those annoying glare of lights coming from your fixtures. You’ll never go wrong with sticking to the essential garden lighting fixtures and finding out different ways to apply them to enhance your landscape.

Do’s for Landscape Lighting

This part will focus on some of the best tips for your landscape lighting to enhance outdoor space. We’ve gathered these tips from landscaping professionals to help you improve and get you started on your landscaping journey.

Do Utilize Different Angles for Highlighting

Landscape lighting is art at its core, so you’ll have to incorporate your lighting fixtures with creative flair and imagination. Say, for example, you’re trying to highlight a particular feature at your landscape, maybe a plant or an institution, what you can do is highlight using directional bullet lighting and illuminate them in multiple unique angles. This is an excellent way to upscale your lighting strategy by utilizing different angles and ultimately separating your landscape from the rest.

Do Use a Variety of Lighting Brightness

Using different shades of brightness prevents your landscape design from being bland and redundant. A variety of lighting styles and shades adds more depth and texture to your whole space. You do this by incorporating some of the basic garden lighting fixtures onto different areas to create a more put-together outdoor environment. 

Do Use LED Garden Lighting

You might be wondering, what is it about LEDs that makes them so suitable for outdoor use? LEDs’ most widely recognized benefits are their energy efficiency, no UV emissions, instant switch, low voltage, and longevity. You’ll find better and broader options with LED Garden Lighting while enjoying their significant advantages for landscape lighting use.


Wrapping Up. 

As we’ve gone through some of the do’s and don’ts of landscape lighting, we hope that you’ll be able to apply these to your own outdoor space and ultimately help you achieve the landscape of your dreams. If you’re passionate about landscaping design, we highly recommend you to visit us at Best Pro Lighting Blog, as we cover a lot of landscaping tips and tricks so you can learn more about what goes behind the process. 

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