Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Garden

Time: Jan 04, 2023

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Garden

Appreciating the great outdoors and spending time in nature can offer some great health and well-being benefits, which many of us have enjoyed over the past few years.

As outdoor living trends continue to take off, we’re seeing more and more people turn their interior design makeover skills to their exterior spaces, transforming underutilised gardens, decks and patios into stylish havens where you can relax, dine and entertain.

Here are some of our favourite outdoor lighting ideas that are sure to help light the way to some stunning exterior designs!

How to Light Your Garden
Outdoor lights need to be incredibly functional, positioned in just the right place to illuminate those dark corners and highlight the areas that you’ll use most. However, this need for practicality does not mean you have to sacrifice on style.

In fact, gone are the days of unattractive security lighting that don’t do your exteriors justice; instead, there are so many more stylish outdoor lighting options that blend aesthetics and function to help you create a complementary, cohesive design.

The Luxcruz lighting range includes a fantastic selection of modern and retro lights suitable for outdoor use. Whether you’re after something with a bit of industrial charm, a vintage chic look or some sleek, modern outdoor lights, you’re sure to find something to suit your space among our diverse collection.

  1. Make a Statement with a Garden Pendant Light
    Pendant lighting might seem like something that’s exclusive for indoor use, but this is simply not the case!

    Hanging pendants from garden structures can be a great way to introduce a sense of dynamic drama into your space. These lights are also ideal options for hanging over outdoor dining areas, shining a spotlight on your table and creating ambience as evenings get darker.

    To make an especially bold statement, hang several pendants in a row if you have the space and structure to support this.

2. Frame Doors With Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are perfect for highlighting a particular spot in your garden, showcasing various features with a warm glow.

An especially good spot for wall lights is on either side of your doors. This frames entryways, further blurring the lines between stylish indoor and outdoor spaces. This could be used for front and back gardens, contributing to a cohesive design that gives a sophisticated throughline to your home.

3. Put Lights Next to Water Features
For a whimsical view and magical ambience, strategically place your outdoor lights near any water features.

Your lights will beautifully reflect against the water, creating a shimmering spectacle and a calming atmosphere, perfect for evening dining and entertaining outside.

In a similar vein, you can also incorporate other reflective materials into your space, to bounce more light around your outdoor area and create that ethereal evening glow.

4. Exposed Bulb & Glass Outdoor Lights

For a more sophisticated take on the fairy light look, why not incorporate a couple of exposed bulbs or glass shade lights for that characteristic warm glow? These could be in the form of wall lights, pendants or both, depending on the layout of your space.

Exposed bulbs and glass shades that diffuse light are wonderfully practical, as they emit plenty of unobstructed light into the space, but they also provide a unique atmosphere that’ll transform your regular garden into an inviting sanctuary.

Explore our different outdoor glass lights garden light to find a shape and finish that works for you!



5. Nautical Style Outdoor Lights
Nautical style lights can imbue your garden with a rustic feel, providing effortless vintage charm. The diverse, industrial-inspired look also adds a metallic highlight, complementing the natural beauty of your exteriors.

Depending on the finish, nautical bulkhead-style lights can also suit modern spaces, infusing them with personality.

Our range of bulkhead lighting includes oval, round and pendant fixtures to ensure you can find the perfect design to enhance your exterior.

6. Mix & Match Your Outdoor Lights

Like with indoor lighting, you have plenty of opportunities to experiment with various different lighting combinations.

Combining contrasting styles in the same finish or vice versa can be a great way to bring some diversity to your space while still retaining a cohesive and meticulously styled look.

This will also help you create layers of light – something that is just as important to outdoor spaces as it is to your interiors as it will help you create distinct zones in your space, which can be especially useful for breaking up smaller gardens.





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