Solar Garden Lights: Best Decoration for Your Garden

Time: May 23, 2022

Have you ever seen an outdoor garden that was completely lit up? When you’re planning to decorate your outdoor garden, don’t forget about decorative solar garden lightsSolar lights are not only eco-friendly but also very cost-effective. They can be used for decoration or security purposes, and they give off the perfect amount of light without disturbing neighbors’ sleep schedules.

This makes them a great option for gardens near a power source like solar power or for people who want to be more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the best way is to use decorative solar garden lights that provide illumination to your garden and beautify it.

How Do Solar Garden Lights Work in Your Garden?

Every garden deserves to be decorated, and the best way to do this is by using flowers, plants, and solar powered garden lights. Those Solar garden lights are amazing ways to light up photovoltaic cells. Your garden without having to worry about any wiring or electricity. They work by using the sun’s energy to power a small light bulb. This makes them a great option for gardens away from a power source or for people who want to be more environmentally friendly.

Solar garden lights are small lights that capture the solar energy from the sun and convert them into light energy as soon as the sun starts to fade away at dusk. The solar lights contain photovoltaic cells, converting solar energy into a usable form. This energy from the sun charges a battery. In the evening, the photoresistors detect the lack of solar light, which turns the light on through the energy stored in it. Hence, this is how solar garden lights convert and store solar energy.

Why You Need Solar Garden Lights

These are some of the reasons that suggest why you should go for solar powered garden lights. Let’s dive in.

  • Solar energy is the green energy that helps you protect your environment by reducing the human impact on our planet.
  • The sun is always there, and its energy is renewable; even on the cloudiest days, it provides some level of isolation that allows the solar panels to soak up.
  • You can install it anywhere, in the shade; you just need to ensure a sunny spot nearby to power the solar garden lights. Now people are even installing solar lights on windows and walls. 
  • Solar technology does not involve the emission of harmless gases and is eco-friendly.
  • While having solar garden lights, you are not supposed to pay for the traditional electricity bill. It is a cost-saving and cost-effective solution.
  • Solar garden lights utilize low voltage, which ensures safe usage and installation.
  • People using electric garden lights or gas lighting face many setbacks like these can only be installed near the electric or gas connection. Moreover, electric fixtures also require professional assistance to install. This makes it not only time-consuming but also costly. However, the same is not the case with solar lighting, as, in it, you need less maintenance, and installation is also a matter of a few minutes.

Installation of Solar Garden Lights 

It is very easy and simple to install solar garden lights compared to traditional lights. Every outdoor solar garden light is a stand-alone product that you can easily stick in the ground at your desired location in the garden. The light is usually fixed at the tip of a spike that you need to fix in the garden’s soil. Installation of solar garden lights is not a task, but you need to have a proper plan. You can not randomly choose a location for the lights, and it should be technically appropriate for the solar-powered garden lights.

Consider appropriate placement

You need to make sure that your chosen location is appropriate and has good access to sunlight. Therefore the solar lights should be receiving maximum sunlight to store enough energy for work properly at night. Before placing outdoor solar garden lights, you need to mark the landscape for proper balanced placement.

Install foundation stakes

You need to hammer the foundation stakes in the ground for lights. To hammer the stakes in the ground without harming them, it is suggested to use a rubber mallet. Moreover, to keep the height of consistent light, your foundation stakes must be placed at equal height in the ground.

Attach light posts

The light component in some solar landscape lights is attached to stake, while in others, it is separate. If the solar garden light you are going to install is separate, then securely attach it to the stake. Moreover, ensure a solar panel is placed to receive maximum light for maximum power storage.

Remote solar panels

If your solar garden lights are placed in shady areas, then for maximum illumination, you can attach remote solar panels with them. How Long Do Solar Garden Lights Last? Your outdoor solar garden lights must be positioned to capture the maximum sunlight so that batteries get the maximum charging. A fully charged solar light can illuminate for 12-15 hours. An average solar garden light requires charging for up to 8 hours for maximum charging. However, on a cloudy day, the lighting performance can get limited. You may also face the issue during cloudy winter days.

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