Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Time: Dec 13, 2022

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

From the top of the roof to the edge of your yard, these outdoor Christmas decorating ideas cover every area, budget, & decorating style!

Christmas Roof Lights

There are a lot of options for how to decorate a roof line with Christmas lights! The most popular Christmas roof lights are water curtain lamp

& Icicle String Lights. These light types can be installed on a roof using Christmas light clips, or you can combine light types, like water curtain lamp & Icicle lights, together to create a unique Christmas roof lights display.

water Christmas Lights - The most classic Christmas lights bulbs are popular along roof lines due to their larger size, ability to create perfect outlines, and greater overall presence in comparison with other light types when viewed from a distance. water curtain light bulbs are smaller than icicle light, and work best on compact homes and homes that are set close to the road. water curtain bulbs are larger and can be seen from great distances, making them one of the most popular options for most roof lighting projects.

Icicle Lights - Beloved for their elegant display, icicle lights are a popular choice for roof awnings, overhangs, peaks and windows. Traditional white icicle lights are the most popular, however you can also find classic color combinations such as red & white icicle lights or more whimisical pairings, like blue and green icicle lights.

Cascade & Falling Rain Lights - The unique dripping icicle effect created by these specialty bulbs is perfect for creating eye catching Christmas roof light displays. Cascading light tubes and falling icicles fit standard and sockets.

How to Wrap Outdoor Trees With String Lights

    Create a ball with the lights or buy tree lights that are already wound into a ball to make passing them around the trunk and in between branches easier.

    Connect the male plug with a power source at the base of the tree.

    Wrap up the base of the tree and around the branches connecting the female end of the last light string to the male end of each new light string as you go.

    For a clean look when wrapping multiple branches, leave extra space as you wrap the light strings up the length of the branch, then wrap back down filling in the gaps. When you reach the base of a branch, run the light strings over to the next branch and repeat this process.

StretchNet® Pro Trunk Wrap Lights

A faster & more uniform alternative to wrapping trees with string lights is StretchNet Pro tree wrap lights . These net lights for trees are designed with a stretchable cord that is woven into the net, making them expandable for wrapping small and large trunks. Simple loop clasps attach the ends of the net around the tree, so installation is incredibly simple.

Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

There are thousands of ways to decorate your yard from blow up characters to animated lightshow trees, figurines, & more! We've shared a few of our favorite outdoor Christmas decorations for the yard below - many of these work as Christmas porch decorations too!

Christmas Light Balls

Christmas light balls are a popular outdoor Christmas decoration, but they're also beautiful to display during any season and for event lighting too! Folding light balls come in a variety of colors and a range of diameters from a small ornament sized 8" to a huge commercial grade 37" sphere. These light balls even fold flat to store easily and with minimal space required! You can hang Christmas light balls from tree branches, along the porch, or simply place them throughout your yard or garden to create an enchanting display.

Christmas Snowflake Decorations

Like the real thing, lighted snowflake decorations come in a variety of designs & sizes. You can hang snowflake lights across the porch or from tree branches in the yard. They also look beautiful on the side of a barn or shed, hanging from windows, and attached to fence railings!

Folding Snowflake Christmas Lights - These beautiful snowflakes feature bright LED mini lights set into their sturdy frames which range in size from 20"-36". Folding snowflakes are easy to assemble and when the season is over they store small, saving you so much space!

Rope Light Snowflakes- Snowflake shaped metal frames are wrapped with sturdy incandescent or LED rope light to create a beautiful and long lasting holiday decoration. Rope light snowflake decorations range in size from 12" - 48" and are available in a solid white & blue, as well as popular color combinations.






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